Christian Inspired Child Care, Pre-School, and Pre-Kindergarten Programs

"Celebrating God's Love"

2695 S. Franklin Street

Denver, CO


Christ Lutheran Early Childhood Center reaches out and witnesses to children and their families by reflecting the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ through Christian education.

Let the children come to me, and don't try to stop them! Folks who are like these children belong to God's kingdom. Matthew 19:14

It is part of our work and aim at Christ Lutheran Early Childhood Center to aid parents in nurturing the growth of their children. We feel that out center affords the young child a Christian setting in which to grow, learn and develop physically, spurutually, intellectually and socially. So, the purpose and aim of the Center is to provide a Christian curriculum and setting that leads the child to a closer relationship with the Savior. This Christian belief surrounds all of the daily experiences and activities so that the child has a solid base and readiness for entering kindergarten. Dailly devotions and weekly chapel services assist in promoting a Christian lifestyle. Out staff of mature Christian teachers provides a positive role model for the children.

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  • We believe children will grow in love and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
  • We believe that every child is important and needs to know that she/he has God-given worth as a person
  • We believe that every child is an individual and has individual needs and God-given abilities
  • We believe that each child should be able to grow at his/her own rate at his/her individual level of development
  • We believe that the Christian environment is an important factor in the learning process
  • We believe that the parents should be involved in the developmental program of the child
  • We believe that children should develop fluency in communication, continue to be curious, be exposed to beauty and continue to be creative
  • We believe children need time to explore and discover their world in an unhurried, supportive fashion

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Renee Williams
I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Education with a double major of Elementary and Early Childhood from the University of North Dakota in May 1986. I taught Kindergarten for three years. I have worked in the Early Childhood field for over 20 years. I am the Director and preschool teacher (3’s) at Christ Lutheran and have been here since June 2007. It has always been my passion to work with Young children. I want each child to have the chance to reach their full potential and to know the love of Jesus.

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Viola Romero
Hi, my name is Viola Romero. I am currently the Pre-Kindergarten teacher at Christ Lutheran Early Childhood Center. I have worked in Lutheran Schools for over 17 years beginning as a teacher’s aide I was given the opportunity to take Early Childhood Courses at Red Rocks and CCD in order to become qualified as a Head Teacher. I have been the Head Teacher of the Pre-K at Christ Lutheran since the fall of 2014.

Kindergarten Teacher

Rena Vigil
My name is Rena Vigil. I have been in Early Childhood Education for over 30 years. I started as a paraprofessional in the Denver Public Schools. I have worked as a teacher’s aide for many years in Lutheran Schools. The opportunity to take some Early Childhood Courses allowed me start working as a Head Teacher and I have been a two and half year old teacher at Christ Lutheran since the fall of 2008. I especially enjoy singing and dancing with the children.


Beth Buss
I'm Beth Buss and I just started working for the ECC last winter. I was Ms. Rena's aide, but for the 2016-2017 school year I will move up with that class and be Ms. Renee's aide. My early childhood experience is limited to what I learned this past year, but I have had elementary experience for over 20 years. My education was at Concordia, River Forest, where I earned my BA in education with a concentration in music. Before coming to Denver last August, I was the music teacher at Messiah Lutheran School in Grand Junction. Currently I am the music director at Christ Lutheran Church where I direct the choir and handbells, and play the organ each Sunday. I work part time in the ECC and very much enjoy the children and working with them.


Terry Balous
Hello I am Terry Balous aka Mr. Terry, Dallas TX is home town for me . My journey to Christ Lutheran goes like this. From Dallas to Union City CA for High school " James Logan High". From there back to Marshall TX for College " Wiley College" Home of the Great Debaters. Then Denver CO in 1991. I have kids which are young adults now , that really prepared me for this job as a Teacher assistant and also a High School Basketball Coach here in Denver CO. I am truly thankful and blessed to be here.

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